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Now we will talk about chic small living room. In the modern minimalist it, we can use sleek modern natural rattan sofa to make it has pretty and classy look. Natural rattan has beautiful natural color that classy to bring in the white living room. See, its walling and ceiling broken white color paint. We can put light grey cottony upholstering on the rattan sofa to make cozy sitting.

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We can bring modern glamour Victorian design concept to out medium living room. See, it has grey craved walling with glam vintage wall ornament installed. This will have perfect classy with vintage glamour Victorian gold velvet sofa. It has glamour gold throw pillows on it.

Then, see the living room table. It has golden finished glass countertop. Then, we can place glamour living room ornaments like living room stand lamp, wall shelves, ceramic ornaments, and crystal ornaments in his fabulous Victorian family room.

Large living room! Yeah, it has classy look from the beginning. We can décor it with modern plain grey scale concept. We just need to put modern minimalist grey velvet couch in this classy it. See, it has dark grey rectangle fur rug, modern doff black arch lamp, and minimalist classy painting which make it has better look.

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