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Curtain three dent or triple pleat curtain has three indentations above characteristics. The indentation actually clamped at the bottom of the curtain so that the top looks like a flower blooming. Curtains with three dent is more elegant than two curves of the model, making it more appropriate if applied in the formal room. The most striking features of curtains three curves of this, if the curtain is closed or opened, the curvature-outs still sticking out.

Ideas Minimalist White Off Floor Lamp Beside Cream And Brown Seat Beside Cream Elegant Curtain Hardware With Modern Carpet On The Wooden Floor Inside Modern House Elegant Curtain Hardwires

You can choose the best styles, motifs, colors, materials and sizes depending on your needs. You must know the curtains for the living room can control the lighting in your living room, if you want to reduce lighting the living room from the outside, you can use the living room curtains thick. If you want the room to have a lot of natural light, you can use transparent curtains.

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